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Avd. Via Augusta, 15-25 Sant Cugat del Vall├Ęs, 08174, Barcelona
Phone: +34 934 618 937


We were born on September 2013. The first day we sold 11 pairs. The second 3. The third 0. We just took a walk to reconsider what the hell we were building up. After that, unexpectedly we sold out in less than two months. Today, we are a team of more than 20 people in house but also with help from collaborators including agents, distributors, photographers and ambassadors all over the world.

A balance between functionality and aesthetic simplicity and minimalism. Less is more. User centric in all design processes experimentation, innovation and future. We manufacture in places with happy people in good working conditions.

Muroexe is simplicity, future, creativity, well thought products. It is also weirdo, extraterrestrial live, artificial intelligence, Netflix and HBO series, industrial, post-humanism, different, science. But the most important, Muroexe is looking to the future.

There are people who love what we do.
There are others who don’t understand.